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By the end of this course, you will have a new skill that will allow you to generate income from the stock market regardless of market direction.

With enough capital, this income can replace your living expenses and allow you to retire early.

Don't believe you can retire early through this simple course? Just give this product a try and learn this strategy for yourself. If you don't like it, just let me know, and I'll give you your money back. We have a 60-day Money Back Guarantee (with the Lifetime Membership), and there is zero risk in giving this product an honest try.

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This strategy has outperformed the S&P500 over the past ten years!

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Topics Covered in the Course:

  • Introduction to the Stock Market and Index Funds:¬†How to¬†Grow¬†Your Investment Portfolio From¬†$0¬†to¬†$50k¬†Safely¬†(9 videos)
  • Introduction & Getting Set up With¬†Options¬†(6 videos)
  • What Are¬†Options?¬†(3 Videos, PDF Study Guide, Quiz)
  • Trading¬†Logistics¬†(5 Videos, Quiz)
  • The¬†Greeks¬†(4 Videos)
  • Our Flagship¬†Strategies¬†(5 Videos)
  • Portfolio Allocation and Strategy¬†Execution¬†(6 Videos)
  • Constructing a¬†Trading Plan¬†(2 Videos)
  • Access to an exclusive¬†Discord community
  • Exclusive notifications when Vijay executes an option trade
  • ...and much¬†more!

Course length: We purposely cut out as much noise as possible and condensed 1,000s of hours of studying and trial & error into a short 3-hour course. This way, you can learn only what's necessary to become a profitable investor from day one.



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Christian P. (5.0/5.0 Stars)

"Great course! I had experience previously trying to time the market and spent hours doing technical analysis. It was great to learn about options selling and how simple it is to increase your annual ROI!"

Charlie R. (5.0/5.0 Stars)

"I really think this course was very intricate and detailed. While I have worked with options before, this was definitely an area of selling that I was unfamiliar with. Vijay made it very easy to comprehend new styles of trading and how to go about the trade itself."

Oleg A. (5.0/5.0 Stars)

"Highly recommend this course! Vijay has developed a niche long-term options strategy that is extremely easy to use and implement with a very minimal time commitment! There’s no such thing as easy money in the stock market, but I think this strategy is as close as it comes to it."

Raghav V. (5.0/5.0 Stars)

"Vijay taught me how to invest in index funds a few years ago. After he released this course telling me there's a better way to invest, I was a little skeptical because index funds made the most sense for me. But, he showed me the numbers of how this can outperform the buy-and-hold index fund strategy, and I was sold. After learning the strategies taught in this course, my index fund portfolio has been less volatile, and I'm able to buy an extra share almost every month. I'd recommend this course to anyone wanting to grow their investment portfolio quicker while taking on less risk."

Alexis D. (5.0/5.0 Stars)

"This course is a great introduction to options, and you can learn a lot even if you have no idea what an option is right now [...] Additionally, Vijay has a lot of integrity and credibility, therefore I wanted to learn more about his way of implementing this trading system."

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Hi friend! It's great to meet you - I'm Vijay. I'm here to help you achieve financial independence through selling options.

After years of trial and error, thousands of dollars lost, and hundreds of hours of studying, I started trading the strategy I'm about to teach you in this course.

I actually had so much success with this strategy that I left my investment management job in January 2022 to work on this investment strategy full-time.

I put together this course to help beginner investors just like you start generating income using the stock market and ultimately help you retire early.

In this course, I cut out all the pointless textbook nonsense and only give you the most relevant information you need to be successful.

Imagine a decade's worth of professional investment management experience condensed into a simple, low-cost product.

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